How to create a website for free of cost to grow up on Google my business with the help of a website.

How to create a website free of cost to grow on Google my business?

Are you thinking to grow up you business or do you want to earn money money online so create website. Which we have explained in this post rIt is so much Easy.

How to create a website free of cost? Website is a platform that provides or opens a way to connect with all our the world in an easy way. if we talk about today, everything becomes online especially businesses. so create website today and grow up on google.

If we want to sell a product or if we want to buy a product the best way is to sell and buy, for that we create websıte which ıs an online platform. Emagine when you want to sell products there is only two ways. the first way is to open a store in a city where only the residents of that city can be approached but if you create website then your products will be available for the people of all our the world it means from all our the world people can approach you and you can sell your products to the world with the help of your website.

so again the same question How to create a website free of cost?

Quick Answers

  • Can I create a website for free?
    • We can Build our own website just in 30 mintutes for under 10$
  • How can I build my own website?
    • by signing up to one of website Hosting companies you can build your own website
  • How do I create a free website on Google?
    • Yes you can build a website in Google.
  • Can I build a website in Google?
    • Yes
  • Why should I have a website?
    • Due to grow your Business and share your ideas to the people all around the world
  • Is my website really free?
    • Yes but just paying for your website under 10$


The same if you want to buy a product in your city there will be a few stores where you can buy and the quality which they provide you you have to compromise with that and if you buy from a website the best quality and with low price. You can buy this product with the help of the website.


To create website we need four things.

1. Website Hosting

Website hosting is a server where your website is stored. when you create website your website needs a place to be stored for example when we create website it collects so much data some of them are entered by us and some of them are stored by a system which is being stored in a special place is called a server or website Hosting.

when we create website we have to buy a place in the server to be stored or to be our website should be live in the internet. in a simple way, our website becomes live and becomes available in all our the world with help of Website Hosting without a Website Hosting we can not create website.

For example, we want to build a house for us and for that we need someplace to be built think if we do not have a place where we can build so to build a house we need empty land and that is not free too. First, we will search for empty land and when we got land then we pay for that whether we pay monthly or whether we pay yearly think then it is possible to build our house on that empty land so.

when here our house is like a website and empty land is like a Website Hosting so when we want to create website first we need Website Hosting. it is our need to search for Website Hosting first when we decide to create website. then we can create website on Website Hosting and we pay for it monthly or yearly to be live and available on our website from all around the world.


So this empty Land is a website Hosting


Here the House is our website

Now we understood Website Hosting and how it is necessary to create a website.

2.Domain Name

When we decide to create website the second thing you have to choose is a name for your website. it can be your name, your business name, your shop name, your hobby name and it can be a unique name. the first thing and then decide a name for your website because once you create website then you can not change it again it will be the same name of your website in the end.

If we talk about in a simple way when we want to build a house first we need to have empty land then we can build a house and at the end, we want to build our house we give it a number and apartment name for that so same like here we choose a website Hosting then we create website and then we choose a name for our website.

So in a simple way we have to be careful when we decide a name at the time in which we create website.

These are called Domain name which starts with HTTPS and end with these sign

Here is the example

3. Building Platforms

Okay, guys so come to the next part which is called Building Platforms. The most famous and easy Building Platform is WordPress. WordPress is one of the best website builders and it has very good and easy website design and beautiful templates if we think what is WordPress?

WordPress is software that is designed for website building. it is a platform where we can design our website in a very easy way and give our website a very good look. it is also called a CMS content management system. in WordPress, we can create our content in an easy way. WordPress started to work with building websites and the complete website will be controlled with it in a just easy way we can create our content with WordPress without any coding.

WordPress ıs onlıne software which can be accessed from all around the world and manage your websıte. WordPress is built back in 2003 and it is the most popular website program since then 59% of the websites are built-in WordPress and it is powering 30% of the internet. it is free of cost and it has 11000 themes which make your website style different from the other companies.

it has 55000 plugins and you can choose any kind of template to your website. you can make or create your content, you can upload a pıcture, you can upload a vıdeos, you can create your own store websıte, back in WordPress there is a big team who is working out 24 hours a day and 7 days of work to make our work easier and easier. WordPress is all about coding and HTML PHP format work the team of WordPress is sitting backside and controlling the work of us if we think if there was not any kind of software like WordPress then the website building was not be like that much easy which is now a day.

Here we talked about WordPress so keep in your mind that there are two software


in you can make or you can create website in free of cost but you are limited to WordPress limited themes and plugins and in another way in you can not own your own Domain name it could be like and you can not monetize your website in Google Ads mean you can not show ads in your website

in you own your own Domain name, you can show ads in your website, you can monetize your website in google ads and you are not limited to only WordPress only, you can download any kind of plugins in your websites and you can use any kınd of templates ın your websıte.

Here you can fınd WordPress themes and WordPress Plugıns

Clıck here for WordPress Themes

Clıch here for WordPress Plugıns

4. Website Templates

Website Templates are the main structures of a website like when we choose our Website Hosting and choose our domain name, then comes to WordPress Website Templates because Templates are the most important part of our website. Users Come and visit our website the templates and themes are shown to our visitors it gives the first look of our website to our visitors. we when choose good and best Templates to our website it makes user or visitors busy in our website for a long time.

The Templates are made of codings and HTML which gives a chance to organize our website it has many options to give good looks to our website. we can manage our website style for example like the main menu, our Home page, our blogs our products price list our website search engine and Templates gives a way manege our comments section many more easy ways by the help of these Templates we can easıly brıng vısıtors to our websites.


To build your website you need sign up one of these websites the prices are bellow.


Namecheap started its services back in 2000 since then it is growing and growing. almost two decades ago with lots of good ideas. there are almost 18 countries. Namecheap is 14 plus millions of Domains under management for its customers all around the world. Namecheap has a mission to deliver the best Domain with the best service and with the best price.

Namecheap offers Domain Hosting Managed WordPress Security for websites App and so.

The price of Domain in Namecheap is 8.88$ per year I think it is a cheaper price today for detail click here


How to create a website site free of cost to grow up on Google my business with the help of website step by step
How to create a website site free of cost to grow up on Google my business with the help of website step by step

Hostinger is founded in 2011 and it is his mission to give 24 hours a day in 7 days in a weak with full support. back in 2004 a group of entrepreneurs made a personal company in 2007 was launched since then it is going up with the best price today it is offering a Domain with just 2.59$ per month for further details click here


WHUK has 24×7 Technical Support with always helpful and it was founded in 2001 High performance Hosting with the best price it has many price list but as simple if we talk it offers almost 3$ per month with 30 days money back Guarantee

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It was founded back in 1999 and it has good service with the best price they have 22 years’ experienced teams. their supports are always available by phone with Email with FaceBook Chat and with live chat. today they offer a 2.50$ per month for more details click here


Godaddy is a trusted growth partner to millions of newcomers in this field. it has more the 9000 employees and it empowers 20 million+ everyday entrepreneurs. GoDaddy has 82 plus million customers who trust GoDaddy with their Domain names.

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How to create a Website free of cost?

If we want to create our websıte please watch this video


Here it comes our conclusions first select a Website Hosting then choose a Domain name then select WordPress and the end make your own design through Templates

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