List of e commerce companies in USA

E-commerce mean electronic commerce or electronic business in a simple way we can call it electronic marketing. So here the List of e commerce companies in USA.

E-commerce is a platform consists purchasing, selling and exchanging goods or services through electronic system or via internet and the terms of sales are performed via this platform.

What are the top 10 e-commerce sites?

Here are Top 10 e-commerce companies in USA
1- Amazon
2- eBay
3- Walmart
4- Etsy
5- Home Depot
6- Target
7- Best Buy
8- Wayfair
9- Macy’s
10- Lowe’s

E-commerce: E-commerce is the way to buy or seller any product online such as from internet. Where buyer and sell can do their business 24/7 without any from. Now a days it is Populer due to COVID-19 most the people prefer to buy online and sell online but it takes some to to deliver goods from one place to another. There are many famous companies in this field but we have listed top 5 e-commerce companies list in USA.

Top 5 e-commerce companies

1. Amazon

Amazon is a online international shopping store or website which sell every kind of best Brands in their Website. It most trustable online Shopping website among the people. When we ask people which is the best Shopping sites in USA? The answer will only one or people will give it 8 out of 10 stars. You can buy online in USA from Amazon easily. If you ask me what is best online shopping sites for example clothes? The Amazon is the best shopping site for clothes. And again i say Amazon is most trusted online Shopping site.

The e-commerce giant has become synonymous with online shopping. It was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 and now operates as one of the world’s largest retailers. In addition to its retail business, Amazon offers content services, including streaming video, through Amazon Prime; cloud computing services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS); advertising services, such as Amazon Advertising; and Alexa, a voice assistant service. The company also produces consumer electronics devices under its Kindle brand. In 2017, it became the first public corporation to reach $1 trillion in market capitalization.

The Amazon revenue was 386.1 Billion USD in (2020)

2. eBay

E-commerce companies list in USA

eBay is multinational online shopping site or we can say it multinational corporation platform or multinational online marketplace which is also most searched platform in the USA. eBay is renting 3rd after Amazon and Walmart in USA. So if we search e-commerce companies list in USA eBay will take the 3rd position again.

eBay has become one of the most popular online marketplaces. It was founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar and Jeff Skoll, who were both former employees at PayPal. The company originally focused on selling books and music but expanded into many different categories including electronics, collectibles, toys, games, tools, clothing, art, jewelry, home decor, sporting goods, and more.

The eBay revenue was 10.27 Billion USD in (2020)

3. Walmart

WalMart is a largest store in the USA. It has largest shopping site and largest stores in Major cities of USA as well as it provides largest online shopping for it’s costumers all around the US when we talk about e commerce in USA after Amazon we can only think about WalMart it has many stores in Major cities of USA where you can find every kind of brand and you can purchase such as grocery stores and so.

The WalMart revenue was 559.2 Billion USD in (2020)

4. Best Buy

Best buy is founded in 60s now it has a wide range of costumers in electronic field which most searched platform now a days in USA. If we find list of online shopping sites? In USA best buy take the first position in USA. It has large number of young Costumers too.

The Best Buy revenue was 47.26 Billion USD in (2020)

5. Apple

If we talk about apple and telecommunication the most popular brand would be Apple because of its products and because of its customer support services.If we say about e-commerce companies list so it will take five. Every year Apple lunches a new model phone with it is quelity and and with it is best services. We have seen Apple growing in frount of our eyes like a child grows just in 13 years. Here i wont talk about its phone but I will say about Apple growing is learned by apple.


As we have discussed about the top 5 e-commerce companies list in USA. Accaully these companies have given to us huge apporcunaties to buy any Brand from our home with best quality. They brought the best quality brand with price to us even in click you can buy now. So guys this was top 5 e-commerce companies list in USA which we have listed to you if think is their any other top 5 e-commerce companies list in USA so please do comment to us we will be pleased with your feedback and it help us create more contents like this. Top 5 e-commerce companies list in USA.

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